Business Times' Article on "How to Choose an Office Furniture Dealer"
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 5, 2007 – Kathryn was recently interviewed by a reporter of the San Francisco Business Times on how to choose an office furniture dealer. As cited by Kathryn, there are three crucial areas to consider when seeking an office furniture dealer:
  • Look at the array and quality of services offered. This is particularly important for small and medium sized firms that don't have deep resources. "Seek a dealer who does onsite measurements, furniture layouts, 3-D visualization, project management and quality installation."
  • Examine the history of the company and its staff. Ask "How long has the company been in business? Is the staff certified? People who have passed the California Codes and Regulations Exam will know building codes. How stable is the staff?"
  • What is the financial strength of the dealership? It's hard to compare prices unless you know what services are included. "You'll get the best price from companies that have the best payment records with the manufacturers. They get the best terms and can pass those savings along."

A photo of Kathryn displaying a 3-D project board was also featured in the article.

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